Odyssey Painting / painting contractors specializing in
exterior house painting & wood rot repair in Olathe, 
Overland Park, Johnson county, & Kansas City area. 
  • 5 yr & lifetime warranty
  • 20 yrs in business
  • References provided
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Courtesy end of warranty inspection
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Exterior house painting in Overland Park, Kansas
Exterior house painting in Overland Park, Kansas
Exterior house painting contractors & wood rot repair in Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, Gardner, Desoto, Johnson county, & the Kansas city area. house painters painting contractors house painter painting contractor house painting painting painters paint house exterior paint house painting painting services home painting painting companies painting company.

Customer Testimonials

Hi Doug-
I wanted to tell you that Rick & I thought you did an awesome job painting our house. We are very pleased with the outcome.  We also have been getting a few neighbors coming by to tell us they really liked it. One neighbor has a son that said he wanted his house painted the same colors. He was thinking about doing it himself but they are now considering calling you.  We just had a guy stop from a few blocks over and wanted your name and phone number. Your sign doesn’t have the 913 area code. He said that he didn’t need his house painted until next year but he was going to call you when he did. He kept going on and on about what a good job you did.
Thanks again,
Mary     Olathe, Kansas

Thanks, Doug. My wife has made out a check for the house painting and she will mail it to you tomorrow.
I will be sure and recommend your services to anyone who is interested in wood rot repair and painting.
Regards, Pete       Olathe, Kansas

Your payment will be in the mail, give me a call if you do not receive it in a few days.
Thank you for the quality work you and your house painters did on my house. My wife and I walked around a few time tonight and the paint job looks great. I do not anticipate finding any issues, but it is comforting knowing we have entrusted this work to a painting contractor like you who make things right. On your website you mentioned work ethic, this was very apparent in the speed and quality of work you delivered.
No problem on the referral, like I said it was ironic how that played out. Hope to see you down the street painting Kyle and Kathy's house one of these day.
Thanks again,
Brad               Overland Park, Kansas

No worries - we will put in the mail tomorrow. Absolutely list us as references - I forgot to tell you that in my previous email. 
Found you on google or yahoo and your wife was so friendly on the phone and you gave us the painting bid so quickly. Great service from a great painting contractor - thank you - thank you!
Pamela           Olathe, Kansas

Doug, You painted our house last spring and I wanted to write to let you know that we appreciate the awesome job that you and your house painting crew did. We were very impressed with the quality of the product we received and the work done. You were timely, efficient and thorough! I've already shared your name with friends looking to get their house painted this year. 
Thanks again. Melissa           Overland Park, Kansas 

Thanks for the awesome paint job.  I really appreciated the professional house painters you have working on your crew.  Our house looks amazing and we coudn't be happier with your painting company.
Dan            Olathe, Kansas

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